smart and green bûche calorifique marc de café recyclé
smart and green bûche au marc de café recyclé dans une cheminée
Ecological Heating Log with recycled coffee grounds
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Ecological Heating Log with recycled coffee grounds

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6 points to remember about this ecological log:

  • A log weighs 1.32 kg
  • 2 hours of regular heat with beautiful flames
  • Made in Île-de-France
  • Composed only of recycled coffee grounds and vegetable wax
  • 100% natural and ecological
  • Toxic-free, chemical-free


Light your fire easily and without kindling, it's a revolution

This recycled coffee grounds log is truly a revolution. Invented and patented in 2014, it will amaze you.

Take a look:

  • You just need to strike a match, light the log on both sides and off you go. 
  • It really burns looooooogtime: a log burns for 2 hours with very beautiful flames
  • It replaces 4 logs of wood and offers a soft and regular heat
  • It comes from coffee grounds previously considered as waste; you will be doing an eco-responsible gesture. 
  • It is a pure product of the circular economy: we no longer throw away the coffee grounds, we reuse them to help you light your fire
  • It's made in Île-de-France, by genuine people with good conditions and a real salary. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

This ecological log will become your best friend

The hassle is over. Aim for efficiency. In few minutes, start your fire. Enjoy the enveloping heat with pretty regular flames to watch

If you have :

  • a chimney
  • a wood-burning stove
  • an insert
  • a brazier
  • Wood stove

Then this log is made for you.

So easy to store

This log is really compact:

  • 8cm in diameter
  • 25cm in length

And since it replaces 4 logs of wood, it is perfect:

  1. if you want to save space around the fireplace
  2. if you don't have a lot of space at home
  3. if you want to bring logs to your country house

The bonus: it doesn't get wet: you can forget about it for months, it will be intact like the first day you put it away.

100% natural, 100 vegetable, yet it's simple, isn't it?

Recycled coffee grounds and vegetable wax.

These are the only 2 ingredients in these logs. That's all.

  • 0 petroleum product
  • 0 paraffin
  • 0 chemicals

If you're curious (or you have time to waste), look or ask for the list of ingredients of the firelighters on the market.

You will be (unpleasantly) surprised.

The secret of this log? The (good) lipids

Thanks to the lipids contained in the coffee grounds, its heating power is 67% more powerful than wood.

To put it simply, this calorific log heats up looooooogtime and strooooong.

A log is the grounds of 150 recycled coffees

Every year in France, 400,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are thrown away.

To make pretty flames and enjoy a nice blaze, use these logs made from recycled material and available in astronomical quantities. Makes more sense than dumping it.

  • It's odorless
  • no chemicals or petroleum
  • it's healthy for the air, the planet and human beings

It's really not for nothing that this coffee grounds log is ideal for heating your interior.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary according to the total weight of your order.

For information, a Smart & Green log weighs 1.32 kg.

We offer you 2 delivery options in France and Belgium

Please contact us at if you wish to order more than 30Kg .

Delivery to a relay point via Mondial Relay

Weight France Belgium
0kg - 0.5kg 4.55 €4.60
0.501kg - 1kg 5.35 €5.40
1.01kg - 2kg 6.40 €6.70
2.01kg - 3kg 9.90 7.00
3.01kg - 4kg 9.90 7.90
4.01kg - 5kg 9.90 10.30
5.01kg - 7kg 13.80 €12.50
7.01kg - 10kg 13.80 14.30
10.01kg - 15kg 18.30 €18.90
15.01kg - 20kg 26.90 €23.80
20.01kg - 30kg 26.90 29.50


Home delivery

Weight France Belgium
0kg - 0.5kg 6.55 €13.10
0.501kg - 1kg 8.10 €16.20
1.01kg - 2kg 9.35 €18.35
2.01kg - 5kg 14.35 €23.45
5.01kg - 10kg €20.85 €38.70
10.01kg - 15kg €26.40 €56.90
1 5.01kg - 24kg €32.70 73.65
24.01kg - 30kg 45,00€ €73.65

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